Dream of Kittens – All you need to know

Dreaming of kittens indicates that some of your loved ones are disloyal or deceitful to you. Kitten dreams are not completely graceful. When you dream of a hostile kitten, it indicates that you have problems with the feminine side of your persona. Also, the dream indicates that you are going to deal with a mean person in your waking life. If you dream about a fluffy kitten, then it denotes your attitude towards a relaxed life. The dream also suggests you take good care of yourself.

If you dream about a kitten that has bitten or scratched you in your dream, then it indicates that you might be facing demanding situations with a woman. If you are dreaming of yourself being chased by a kitten means that you can expect hindrances in your waking life. Dreaming of running after a kitten indicates that you might be having problems in a project soon.

Interpretations may differ for every dream of a kitten that includes

  • Dream of a kitten indicates happiness
  • Dream of buying a kitten indicates friendship in waking life
  • Dream of many kittens indicate possible trip in life
  • Dream of a kitten as a pet indicates that you are taking hasty decisions and impulsive actions
  • Dream of a fluffy kitten signifies a friendly person
  • Dream of a hostile kitten denotes fresh possibilities in waking life
  • Dreaming of a white kitten signifies relaxation and peace
  • Dreaming of being bitten or scratched by a kitten indicates how you feel about yourself
  • Dreaming of a black kitten signifies fear of a stranger
  • Dreaming of a kitten meowing denotes happiness

 What does it mean to dream about Kittens?

Dreaming of kittens indicates pure existence, along with innocence and individuality. The dream denotes changes, accepting new opportunities, sincerity to learning, and a new beginning in life. These kitten dreams also mean gentleness, simplicity, curiosity. Adversely it might indicate the deceitful and malicious intentions of someone close to you in waking life.

Dreaming of kittens signifies women’s power and femininity in your waking life. The dream also indicates a new commencement, a journey towards growth and self-realization. This dream is also sometimes believed to be a bad omen as it indicates the deceitful intentions of your friend or loved one in your waking life.

Dreaming of a kitten signifies the existence of harmful individuals and negative powers in your waking life who can hurt you in several ways. This dream might be a warning sign to you to be more cautious and aware of the imminent danger coming soon.

Kitten dreams denote sovereign thoughts and strength to resolve well for yourself. Dreams of kittens are swift, stubborn, great learners, and supple. Kittens are tiny animals but yet they can be atrocious sometimes, they indicate a vigorous and supple lifestyle.

When you dream about the kitten, it tells you to enhance your mind influences, to stay alert and fit. The dream suggests that you need to use your intelligence and wit to protect yourself from any danger happening in your waking life.

According to the interpretation of Dreambooks, kittens are a sign of difficulties and problems. They foretell fraud, dirty tactics of colleagues, empty promises, and anxiety. Also, sometimes dreams of kittens indicate liberation from competitors.  

If a woman dreams about white kittens in her dream, then it indicates a warning. The dream denotes that the dreamer will be stuck by cheating, but she can take control of the situation through this dream and avert trouble. Dreaming of a different breed or colors of kittens indicates small but bothersome issues, annoyance that will follow you for a very long time.

 Dreaming of shaking, skinny and dirty kittens signifies that you be distracted by swank splendor and you will get hurt by someone’s rude behavior. As per the Islamic Dreambook, dreaming of kittens indicates the importance of present events and your emotional state. 

Dreaming of a kitten also denotes a warning about the robbery or a caution not to trust people and their promises, as most of the time they are not satisfied. If you dream about a small thoroughbred kitten in your dreams, then it signifies longing for intimacy or a sexual urging with a young partner.

If you are dreaming of getting several kittens as a gift, then it signifies that you are feeling lonely and if you dream of buying kittens, it denotes deceit. If you dream of choosing a kitten, it denotes a provocative situation where you need to make the right decision. If you dream of throwing the kittens, it indicates you are putting a lot of effort to conquer difficulties and get a good outcome in present cases.

Dreaming of chasing out somebody’s kitten denotes you are getting rid of an opponent at the workplace. If you dream of aggressive kittens and are biting you, then it is an indication of small tricky tricks from friends, though they will not cause any harm they still get into your nerves.

If you are dreaming of hitting a kitten, then it denotes betrayal from a closed one. Dreaming of wild kittens and if you feel scared of them, then it indicates struggles with neighbors. If you dream of holding a kitten, it implies anger on your loved ones. The dream also suggests that keep watching people around you, including your friends’ circle and at work.

Dreaming of petting a kitten in your sleep indicates that you keep your principle and be loyal to everyone. Also, you will care about your ideas and plans, and you will try to reach your objectives on the right path. Dreaming of a newborn kitten indicates good news or surprise awaiting you. Unanticipated events will make you happy in your life and help you conquer difficult phases in your life.

 Biblical meaning of kittens in a dream:

The Biblical meaning of kittens in a dream means domination, destruction, authority, and independence. However, dreaming about kittens or cats mostly embraces negative representation in the Bible but the exact dream explanation depends upon the issues, inner energy, and personality of your waking life.

In ancient beliefs, cats are symbolized positively. The positive side of dreaming of cats the boldness and strength. In Egypt, pet cats are worshipped, it indicates female power, creativity, sexuality, and nurturing. The dream also indicates the curiosity, power of intuition, and knowledge.

What does Bible say about cats?

The Bible says that dreaming of cats signifies both negative and positive and it depends on the type nature of cat that you dreamt about.

 What does it mean when you dream about kittens and cats?

Dreaming about cats and kittens signifies that adult cats are linked with independence and resourcefulness, whereas kittens denote helplessness.  Dreaming about kittens indicates that you are feeling weak, helpless, and scared. If a woman dream about cats, it signifies how she observes herself.

 Dream about a grey kitten:

Dreaming about a grey kitten signifies good instinct, business insight, and intuition. To get success in your life, you should listen to your inner voice and avoid listening to others’ advice. Also, avoid the company of people who try to daunt you from taking courageous steps.

 What does a GREY kitten symbolize?

A Grey kitten in a dream is symbolized a boring regular lifestyle. It symbolizes that you need to bring some exciting changes in your life urgently and make yourself resourceful in doing productive work. Dreaming of a grey kitten means you have some worthy ideas, though this idea seems impracticable and insane, they still can bring big success.

A small grey kitten might be an indication of small turnover. Dreaming of grey kitten means you may get a bonus or you will be paid for the service that you did for someone earlier.  The dream also suggests that you should spend the money on yourself.

 Are GREY Cats good luck?

Yes, grey cats are lucky, and in many eastern countries, grey cats are considered good luck.

 Dream about saving kittens:

Dreaming of saving kittens indicates anxiety, trouble, susceptibility, and shyness. It indicates your fears and fighting with your miserable side. If you dream about saving kittens, it signifies that you dislike untidiness and obsessive. It also suggests that you are engrossed in your principle and unable to overcome it. The dream also signifies that you are upset about your life and the people around you, and you feel a lack of participation and self-destructive.

 Dream of the sick kitten:

Dreaming about a sick kitten indicates that you get into trouble because of your negligence. If it is a street kitten that is sick, then it indicates a good sign. The dream suggests that you will feel compassion and you feel satisfied.

 What does it mean when you dream about a sick kitten?

If you dream about a sick kitten, it signifies that you need to follow your intuition instead of the following intellect. Dreaming of a feline might be indicating that someone close to you is malicious or nasty. Being scratched by a sick kitten means you feel vulnerable.

 What does a cat dying in a dream mean?

Dreaming about cat dying indicates a profound internal change, self-discovery, very good progress in life, and self-discovery. The dream suggests that you are experiencing an evolution stage that makes you more spiritual and accessible. The dream tells you that expect great changes. It indicates that you leave the past behind and start fresh. Cat dying dream also means that you might get divorced or married, move to a new place, or get a promotion.

 Black kitten in a dream:

Dreaming of a black kitten indicates uncertainty and displeasure. The dream signifies that you are not confident enough about something in your waking life. Black kitten drams indicate all the things that you find disturbing and distressing are not worth your concern.

Final Thoughts:

Dreaming about a kitten symbolizes a new beginning. The dream suggests you leave the past behind and look for a new beginning in your life. Kitten dreams denote taking charge of your life and proceedings to the next new step. It also signifies simplicity, and you should embrace it as an initial phase for closer empathy. The kitten dream denotes possibilities that you should consider and try with the hope to proceed in a new path.