Dream With Colors, What Can They Mean?

Colors inspire emotions both in waking and dream state and dreaming in certain colors signifies what a dream means. According to the scientific REM study, people dream in colors, but most of the time they couldn’t recall their dreams.  Also, you should know that dreaming in colors is not just indicates the emotional state of the dreamer, but also specifies their personalities. 

Dreaming in Color

According to the specialist Robert Hoss who did a lot of research and studied the importance of color significances in dreams and its elucidations. He categorized dreams by the following traits:

  • Most individuals cannot remember their dreams and most of them feel that their dreams are colorless.
  • Not more than 25-percent of people dream in colors and they can recall their color dreams. This can happen because most people remember their fervently inspiring parts of the dream, and the rest of the dream they forget easily.
  • The shapes and colors in dreams occur due to inside provocations that might be created on the emotional connotation the individual dreams those colors and objects.  

Are You Dreaming About Colors? This is what you should know

People often feel that they dream in colors, but when they were asked about the dream, most of the time they fail to recall their dream and cannot clearly remember the colors they dreamt of or what color was the specific object, so on and so forth. For each individual, every color holds its own representation. Colors play a very significant psycho-physiological role in every individual’s life.

In general, dreaming is quite natural, but people who have keen attentiveness to color in waking hours mostly remember their dreams in color more compared to their colorless part of the dream.  Dreams cannot be encapsulated and captured, they tend to filter the consciousness that makes them hard to understand. In waking states, colors motivate emotions, likewise, colors motivate emotions in dreams.

The meaning of Colours in dreams:

  • Brown color in dreams signifies practicality
  • Cream signifies acceptance
  • Burgundy represents success and wealth
  • Gold signifies spiritual healing
  • Green signifies life force
  • Ivory signifies purity
  • Indigo signifies clairvoyance
  • Grey color in a dream represents lack of commitment, depressed state, or denial
  • Lilac signifies responsibility
  • Navy blue color in a dream means lack of individuality
  • Mauve represents endurance
  • Purple represents teacher or spiritual leader
  • Peach signifies empathy
  • Orange signifies energy, ambition
  • Pink signifies unconditional love 
  • Scarlet represents lust
  • Red signifies passion
  • Dark red signifies anger
  • Silver signifies intuition
  • Dark yellow represents concerned thinking
  • Yellow represents intellectual
  • Light yellow signifies enlightenment
  • White signifies hope, enlightenment, purity, faith, perfection, and confidence
  • Black represents hate, fear, guilt, anxiety, depression, lack of faith, emptiness, and doubtfulness

Black & White play a very important role in dreams as they signify their meanings, and they affect other colors also. Black taints other colors while white purifies them.

Is Dreaming in Color rare?

Not really, as most people claim that they dream in color, however, around 12-percent of people claim that they dream in Black & White. According to studies, seven dreamers were asked to choose colors from a chart that they dreamt of after waking them up, and among them, soft pastel colors are the most selected ones by dreamers.

Individuals who are below 25-years claim that usually, they dream in colors and very rarely they dream in black & white. However, individuals who are over 55-years claim that quarter time they dream in black & white. According to researchers, the difference between these age groups is a result of exposure in childhood to black & white television.  This theory was supported by previous studies where it shows that in the 1940s, people rarely claimed that they dream with color.

What do colors mean in dreams Biblical?

Jews and Christians consider that dreams are one of the methods to communicate with God, and they also believe that dreaming in colors is a way to reach God and get the message from God.

God created three main colors from earth and nature for mankind that includes, yellow, blue, and red. The other colors in the rainbow can be made by mixing these three main colors.

In Christianity, red specifies the color of blood. Yellow is related to fire, which is considered a purification process. In Biblical, references purification indicates that the trace of your faith is more precocious than of gold that succumbs, even if it is tried with fire, and the glory remains the same at the appearance of Jesus Christ.

The third main color, blue, specifies the healing power of God.

What color means New Beginning?

Color means more than just what you see, it touches emotions, influences insights, and controls decisions. Find out the interesting ways our physical bodies, our culture shape, and our thoughts form how we relate with colors.

The green color represents rebirth, and it is the color of prosperity, progress, and youth. Also, the color green represents growth, and it is considered one of the most favorite colors. 

The color green is a favorite color for many people as it has a calming and relaxing effect and helps individuals increase their focus. Creative minds often use Green colors whenever they want to produce a creative product. Also, people who like the color Green are associated with very positive progress, balance, youth, and growth. But, you must also know that some Green hues also produce strong negative vibrations that include, envy, sickness, and greed.

What Color Represents the Holy Spirit?

In some cultures, the color Black is considered a conventional color of mourning. While, the color red induces the color of blood, which you usually considered the color of victims and the death of Jesus on the Cross. Also, Red color represents fire and that is why it is the color of the Holy Spirit.

What Color Symbolises Power?

As per the studies, Black color is the color of power and authority, strength and stability.  Also, Black color is connected with intelligence like a doctorate in a black robe, etc. Also, most people prefer wearing black clothes a lot as it makes them look thinner. However, sometimes black color is associated with evil or bad guys.  In Western countries, black is related to grieving, and it is also considered a serious color that induces strong emotions. Black color can allow you to overpower people easily.

What does it mean to Dream in Vibrant Colors?

People who get vibrant color dreams might be associated with spirituality this is because every color has certain meanings like angels or God messengers as they use symbols in extraordinary dream messages. Vibrant colors may signify either you have a special connection with particular colors or the general significance of those colors.

A study conducted by Faber Birren and Dr. Max Luscher on color psychology provides some of the great specifics on the human response to color. A study by Fritz Perls and Carl Jung also shows some important views on the incidence of color in dreams and its connection to the colors that you see in a waking state.  For some individuals, the color in their dream appears by itself and there is no connection with anything, they might see a circle or block of color. But, at times, they might see an object that has a specific color like a purple tree or a white car. The Color itself is a representation and most of the time it associates with our emotions and moods.

Final Thoughts:

Considering spiritual research, color can have an intense effect on our emotions and moods. For example, the color pink provides a healing and soothing effect, similarly, the color Orange gives energetic and focused effects, so on and so forth.

As colors have an effect on our emotions and moods in waking state, which makes it even more significant that our dreams also come in colors to help us know ourselves and understand better.