Dreaming of an Owl, Your Go To Guide [All Meanings]

Owls are magical and secretive birds, and if you are dreaming about an owl while sleeping, then it signifies a spiritual meaning. Owls are night creatures, which makes them veiled and abstract creatures in dark. The owl causes unease and fear when you see them in the dark. However, if you get owl dreams, it indicates hidden knowledge, intuitive insight, and wisdom. These dreams are mostly connected with death that represents spiritually a huge shift or transformation happening in your waking life.

Also, owls in dreams indicate an intense internal transformation, particularly connected to your spiritual development. Also, the interpretation of the owl dreams may vary depending on other symbols, emotions, and indications that you feel in your dream. Every owl dream has a unique meaning to you, and decoding these dreams might be very significant for some people.

As owls are connected with pessimistic vibes and superstitions in the entire ancient culture, including Native American tradition, it is not a new thing for people to marvel if an owl appears in their dream as a negative sign.

Owl dreams indicate transformation, change, wisdom, spiritual progress, and hidden knowledge. These dreams indicate that changes or transformations happening in your life like a change of places or people leaving you, etc., might seem to be a bad omen, but at the same time, it gives you a new hope to discover yourself and a new starting for a larger form of yourself.

If you are thinking whether owl dreams are a good or bad omen, then it is significant to know that it depends on how you respond to these dreams in your dream, accordingly, how you respond to the changes occurring in your waking life. However, if you do not want to change, then these owl dreams might denote bad and scary, but if you are ready to change and progress, then owl dreams might be a sign of good and comfort.

The significant thing to think of is that owls are a symbol that you are looking for answers to, so these owl dreams are not to be considered scary or dreaded.

What does it mean when I dream of an Owl?

What does it mean when I dream of an Owl?

Owls represent your subliminal mind, and they are linked with transporting inner hidden surprises. These owl dreams are known for their deep vision and consequently symbolize your inner wisdom or intuition, and awareness. These dreams are also an indication of your feelings. In general, an owl dream signifies hidden mysterious messages.

The owl dream indicates that you might have seen a unique thing that you never saw earlier. Also, this dream connects to your subliminal mind.  In very exciting situations, the owl signifies transformation, figuratively the owl has been described in several ancient texts. For instance, the Greek Goddess Pallas Anthea was an owl bird, and she is considered a Goddess of wisdom. That is why when you dream about an owl, it indicates deeper wisdom.

For some people, dreaming of an owl is a good omen, as they are the symbolic images of wisdom and signify professional and personal success an individual can have. Dreaming about owls also means that you are making the best choices and following virtuous advice.

Dreaming of owls indicates that you are doing well, and if you dream of owl speaking to you, it means your subliminal mind is telling you to make the right decision in your waking life. Owls are carriers of secrets and wisdom that help you decode the mysteries happening in your life. To get the right interpretation of your dreams you should remember every detail of your dream precisely.

Color of the Owl in Dream – The color of the owl also provides you exact info about your owl dream, and what emotions or energies you are presently working over.

  • Silver/Grey owl in a dream symbolizes astral projection and astral energy.
  • White owl in a dream denotes spirituality.
  • Brown oil in a dream denotes parental energy, nurturing, pregnancy, fertility, patience, forgiveness, and teaching.
  • Black owl in a dream indicates shadow work
  • Red owl in a dream indicates finances, health issues, basic needs, domestic issues, sexuality, anger issues, and finance
  • Green owl in a dream symbolizes commitments, community, attachments, learning, and relationships.
  • Golden or Yellow owl in a dream indicates self-expression, ability, abundance, self-worth, manifestation, and independence.
  • Blue owl in a dream indicates creativity, communication, and telepathy.
  • Purple owl in a dream denotes astrology, development, psychic gifts, and mediumship.

Dreaming of owls flying indicates that you want to run away from problems occurring in your waking life. The dream suggests that you should try to solve the situation by yourself before it gets worse and it tells you not to take anybody’s help in solving your problems.

If you are dreaming of owls flying over you when you are walking, then it signifies that you are going on the right path and the decisions that you made are the correct ones. The dream also denotes that you will have loved ones with you when you have problems in your waking life.

Biblical meaning of owls in dreams:

The Biblical meaning of owls in dreams means that you will have spiritual progress. This dream indicates that your subliminal mind is hidden in basic prospect, waiting to be roused up. Dreaming of owls indicates hidden knowledge, intuitive outlook, and wisdom. These dreams are often connected with death. Also, owl dreams signify deep modifications or transformation within you, particularly connected to your spiritual progress.

Seeing an owl in dream Islam:

In Islam, dreaming about an owl indicates a dictator rule or a perilous thief or arrogant person. This dream also denotes being confused, unemployed, fearful, or hateful. It also indicates a conspirator or the person who sees himself aggressive with an owl, which means fighting with somebody.

Baby owl dream meaning:

Dreaming about a baby owl indicates a new start. It is the right time for you to start something new in your waking life. Also, this dream indicates that it is the time when you are emotionally connected to something for the very first time.

Baby owl dreams also signify a fascinating time to learn your spiritual favors.  The dream suggests your potential for a transcendent mission. Baby owl dreams indicate that healing and growing is a life cycle, and it is a continuous process, but the expedition is always moving forward and upward.

White Owl dream meaning:

If you are dreaming of a white owl while sleeping, then it signifies transformation, change, or things are happening in unexpected ways. If you dream of a white owl, it denotes innocence and purity. This dream also signifies that you will have an exciting and fun period in the future. Also, you should know that dreaming of white owls is a good omen compared to dreaming of other colored owls.

 Dreaming of a Brown Owl:

Dreaming of a brown owl indicates a pursuit for your persistence. You have to get on an expedition of self-discovery. This brown owl dream denotes you to find out the meaning of life in your waking life. Also, brown owl dreams are an indication of pregnancy and fertility. It is a good sign to dream of a brown owl if you are trying to have a baby for a long time.

 Dreaming of a brown owl also represents that you need to find out what you want in your life, and search for meaning and purpose in your waking life.

Dream of owl landing on me:

Dreaming of an owl landing on you indicates that you are at the right place and at the correct time. This dream comes true if the owl lands on your shoulder or arm.

Dream of holding an owl:

If you are dreaming about holding an owl, it indicates a bad omen. This owl dream denotes a warning about the future possible accidents in your waking life soon. Dreaming about holding an owl warns you to be very careful and make sure to keep yourself away from bad things.

Dream interpretation owl attacking:

If you are dreaming of an owl attacking, it indicates a bad sign. The dream might be signifying impending problems at your workplace, which might be caused by a colleague who thinks you are an opponent. 

Dream of an owl attacking symbolizes the distress of things that are getting out of control. Things that are happening in your life that you want to control and keep intact, but these changes are happening in spite of putting so much effort to keep all things the same. Also, it indicates the stress that you are having to assimilate to new circumstances.

Final Thoughts:

Dreaming of owls could be hidden in unanswered and unknown questions like the owl themselves pursuing in the nighttime. Although owls are considered messengers that carry info about your inner perception, insight, and concealed knowledge.

The owl dreams symbolize transformation, growth, and wisdom and you will connect quickly with your newly revealed self. Owl dreams are about trust, mainly about trusting your insight. These dreams help you find yourself and take things under your control.