Dreaming of Big Waves: What Does it Mean?

Dreaming of big waves signifies that you want to bring all your restrained emotional energy out. Big wave dreams generally come in your dreams when you are under peer pressure or if you are having a significant change in your life. The big tidal waves in a dream can also represent the rushing of your feelings in circumstances where you feel unprepared or overpowered to handle the happenings in your life.  It also symbolizes that you are avoiding or delaying facing the problems and hiding your true emotions about something. The situations could be anything like exams, an impending deadline, changing jobs, or moving house, or it could be some anticipations in your life or fear.

Big wave dreams might come in your dream when you are at the beginning of a new relationship because, in the initial stage, you will feel overwhelmed. Tidal wave dreams are like any other dream are also appear in your dreams based on several levels. IT could be external pressures that are overriding in your life. These dreams also indicate a significant period of internal change.  

Big waves that enclosed you in a dream are connected with the feelings that you are experiencing in your waking life. These emotions could be anything like finding true love, becoming a new mom, or sometimes these feelings could be negative like lack of responsibility.

Dreaming about walking through big waves means that you will soon come out of problems. Water indicates in the dream lets you explore deeper into the subliminal mind. In general, many people dream about huge waves like a tsunami or sometimes they dream about smaller waves in rivers.

What does it mean when you Dream about BIG Waves?

Positive Significances of Dreams about Big Waves:

Dreaming about big waves, and if you dream about swimming in big waves, it indicates that you have overpowered your qualms in life.  If you see yourself swimming in big waves comfortably, it indicates that you are going to find several opportunities soon, and you are ready for them.

If you are dreaming about clean and big waves, it suggests that soon you are going to receive the very good news that brings you a lot of happiness. The dream also suggests that you will receive a gift from your loved one. Clean or pure waves in dreams indicate that you may get a chance to show your creativity to the world soon.

If you dream about big and calm waves, then this dream suggests that you are quite an adventurous person who constantly tries to do new things. The dream also indicates that you are a person who is not afraid of taking risks in your life and is always ready to come out of your comfort zone.

If you dream about standing in tidal waves, then it means that you can expect success in the future. The dream also indicates that your hard work will pay off soon and you will feel satisfied with your achievements.

Negative Significances of Dreams about Big Waves:

If you dream about swimming in tidal waves, then this dream indicates that you are trying very hard to control the issues that you are facing in your waking life. This dream denotes that you might be feeling incompetent to deal with the problems successfully during waking life, which is why you are getting such dreams in your sleep.

If you are dreaming about big waves coming to you, it means you might be facing some issues in your waking life. It also suggests that your subliminal mind conveys to you that your problems are not going to go away soon and you need to face them for some more time.

If you are dreaming about a tidal wave hitting your ship, it means an indication of bad luck.  The dream also indicates that you have to face adversities in your career or life. 

If you are dreaming about combating big waves, it means you need to take control of things that are happening in your life. The dream denotes that you might have to go through some tough period and you might feel like your life is going out of control during this difficult time.

If you get a dream about a big wave pulling you into the sea away from the shore, then it indicates that you are completely out of control and you might have taken the wrong step in making crucial decisions and actions. This dream signifies a feeling of being overpowered and out of control.

Dreaming about Big Waves/Tsunami:


Dreaming about big waves or tsunamis indicates that you might see some great changes happening in your life soon but you are not ready to accept these changes. This is because the fear that you felt in your dream when defying tsunami connected with the fear of the looming change that happening in your waking life.

Tsunamis are impulsive and it comes uniformed, and people will be unprepared when tsunamis occur. However, when you get tsunami dreams, which means you should be ready to expect some changes in your life. The dream suggests that you should be ready to accept the challenges coming your way instead of shunning the situations.  The changes can be connected to your professional or personal life, and they could be either negative or positive changes. The best way to deal with these circumstances is that be ready to accept any change and face the challenges.

Biblical meaning of big waves in dreams:

The Biblical meaning of big waves in your dreams means it is an indication to you that you are going to make substantial progress in science and awareness. When you see muddy water in your dream, it indicates that you are going to make huge mistakes in your life. If you see clear water, it means you will be content and joyful in your life. 

Dreaming of big waves coming at you:

If you are dreaming about big waves coming at you, it suggests that you feel vulnerable. In general, you feel like drowning in the sea. The dream might be telling you that some people are taking advantage of your kindness and it is suggesting to be more watchful in your waking life. But, if you dream about calm waves, then the dream indicates that you are peaceful in your waking life.

Spiritual meaning of waves:

The spiritual meaning of waves in your dream means that you have some deeply hidden emotions that are going to be revealed soon. It also means that you might be experiencing some emotional confusion in waking life.

 Big waves in dreams Islamic interpretation:

The Islamic interpretation of big waves in dreams symbolizes torment, hardship, and penance for sins. According to Sirin, the dream also means that you are going to go through a testing period in waking life.

Final Thoughts:

Dreams about tidal waves are very common dreams and they always deliver a big message for dreamers. Big waves in dreams often indicate your emotions, and they denote secret emotions, secrets, new opportunities, threats, or diverse events happening in your life soon.

Big waves in dreams also indicate strong feelings, an outburst of emotions, or substantial events. The nature of the dream can be interpreted as a good sign or a bad omen and the interpretation is also determined by the characteristics of the tidal waves and the general feeling that you had in your dream.