Dreaming of Levitating: What Does it Mean?

Dreaming of Levitating is a sign of happiness, insight, and sovereignty in your waking life. These levitating dreams are generally considered positive indications and are associated with the mystical side of the dreamer. Levitating dreams are like any other dream that you have to look at the facts of your dreams like your feelings, situation, and reactions.

According to dream expert Richard, levitating dreams may denote peacefulness, a new start, and stillness in your waking life. The dream indicates that you are in such a stage of your life where you feel away from negative situations, people, feelings, and thoughts. It also signifies your feeling of happiness, success, and having control of your life including emotions.

Levitation is a mystical occurrence that signifies the floating of the objects or human body in the air by utilizing the power of the brain. Many religious or parapsychology supporters elucidate levitation is the occurrence of the individual’s powerful psychic strengths and their mystical energy. However, science has not yet confirmed that levitating can be happen in reality and the perceived events of suspected levitations are elucidated as an effect of hallucinations, illusions, or magic tricks.

However, dreams of levitating might disclose your impractical ideas and desires. These dreams might be through your subconscious to come down to reality and become cognisant of your present capabilities.

What does it mean when I Dream about Levitating?

Dreaming about levitating is not very common, but most people do dream about levitating while sleeping. However, one should know that levitating dreams are not very close to dreams of flying as they are totally different and contains different interpretation and meaning.

Dreaming of levitation is mostly considered a positive dream, but it also depends on the characteristic of the dream. Many levitation dreams have a different meaning, and sometimes these dreams might disclose your lack of feeling safe and confident. It also means that you may not feel the link to other individuals and feel lonely. These kinds of emotions might produce a sense of weakness in you.

If you are dreaming of seeing someone levitating, then it indicates your respect towards a specific person. You might be seeing the same person you see levitating in your dream or it could be any other person that you have much respect for in your waking life. The dream might be telling you that you like to impress the person that you admire and make him/her happy by levitating.

 Dreaming of making someone levitating is an indication of your real nature, it signifies you are supportive and helpful. This dream denotes that you are always there for your friends and family when they need you the most and support everyone around in your waking life. Also, this dream is an indication of manipulating different phases in your life.

Dreaming of levitating up in the air is an indication of your desire to go away from your boundaries and reach higher boundaries. The dream indicates that you want to use a complete perspective and always put effort into giving your best in everything you perform. It also signifies that it is the possibility that you want to prove yourself by doing an unusual way. Also, these dreams are warning you to come out from your comfort zone and stop limiting yourself from doing various things.

Dreaming about levitating in space signifies success even after facing challenges, problems, and trials in your waking life. The dream indicates that you will be very successful in every aspect and find fulfillment in your perception. The dream symbolizes that you can conquer all difficulties in your waking life.

Alternatively, these levitating dreams denote your capabilities that you are ignoring. You should be conscious about the things that you can perform and also try to utilize your abilities and potential completely. It is also a dream that signifies your impending determinations.

If you are dreaming of levitating with wings, then it signifies happiness and success. The dream denotes your good period, where you get good results for your hard work and you can expect good fortune in your waking life. The dream also denotes not to worry if you have not experienced success yet as it denotes that soon you will get to hear good news.

If you are dreaming of levitating above the ground in your dream, then it indicates that you will soon find happiness and peace in your walking life. The dream also suggests that you will be experiencing a new start and indicates you to leave the past behind. This levitating above the ground dream is a sign that you will pursue a new lifestyle and you will see amazing turning points and changes in your waking life.

Dreaming about levitating over water symbolizes the circumstances you are presently undergoing or about to go through. The dream might be indicating you to be ready to face circumstances in your waking life. If you see yourself levitating over calm water, it indicates that you will feel serene and calm in your life. If you see levitating over rough waters, it signifies you have to go through challenging situations and struggles in your waking life.

If you are levitating over water, it symbolizes a new confrontation in your waking life. The water condition in the dream represents the trail that you will surface.  If the water seems to be calm, it indicates you will have a satisfying path, and if the water is rough, then it is going to be an exciting path. Frightening and rough water indicates not a very pleasant situation in your waking life.

Levitation Dream Spiritual Meaning:

The spiritual meaning for a levitation dream is, in general, these dreams can make you feel excited that metaphorically denote success, confidence, and happiness in your waking life. However, most people feel floating dreams are more like dreadful dreams contrasting to the joyful experience felt by some people. 

What does levitate mean sexually:

The passionate meaning of levitating is that you will feel happy levitating, which means it is a positive sign.

Dream of floating to the ceiling

Dreaming about flotation to the ceiling is an indication of your desire for spiritual, warmth nourishment, and emotional remedial.  The dream indicates that you are feeling subliminally threatened and you might be facing some kind of mental trauma. This dream is also considered a positive omen as you will find positive changes in the future. Also, this dream signifies that you are hiding something or scared of conveying yourself.

Levitation dreams their physiology:

Levitation dreams or any other dreams often appear in a representational form like riddles, symbols, and descriptions. Explaining them precisely can be a very hard task. You can easily get misled with false elucidations when dreams composed physiology or psychological lines.

Dream of seeing someone levitating

Dreaming of seeing someone levitating is an indication of your interest in helping other individuals. For some people, this levitating dream discloses their respect towards the same person in their walking life. It denotes your desire to be like that person in your dream.

Dream of levitating and flying:

It is significant to know that dreams of levitating and flying are not the same, there is a lot of difference between levitating and flying in dreams. Usually, flying dreams are controlled, which means the dreamer can regulate the flying. However, the floating dreams generally comprise less control, which means the dreamer cannot regulate the floating.

Recurring levitation dreams:

Recurring dreams mostly occur when you are under a lot of stress, for some people, they occur several years or a lifetime also. These recurring dreams not only have the same theme but also occur at the same time every night.

Dream of someone hovering over you:

Dreaming of someone hovering over you is an indication that you will lose money. This dream is not a very dangerous dream to get into a defensive mode. The dream also indicates that be happy with what you have, do not look for more for a while. This hovering dream also suggests you not to give money to your friends and family as they may not give you back. If any individual owes you money, then make sure to get it back for your needs.

Dreaming about someone hovering over you signifies that you are a positive person, but you should also think about your welfare. This dream also denotes that you are a very open-minded person, and you take a stand to help others in all situations. This dream also symbolizes that you have are never in need of anything.

Final Thoughts:

Dreams about levitating are not a very common dream, and these dreams give out a unique significance for the dreamer, mainly if they are recurring dreams. Levitating dreams have good consequences and indicate independence, freedom, optimism, happiness, satisfaction, and success. In general, people dream about levitating over water, in the air, into space, over beds, etc.

Dreaming of levitating is an indication of having a happy state of mind in your waking life. These dreams also signify complete satisfaction and calmness in any circumstances. Levitation dreams are a symbol of being totally in control of your senses and emotions.