Dreams of Dragons: What Does it Mean?

Dragon dreams signify your communications skills and creativity. Dragon is considered a wonderful magical creature and when you dream about the dragon, it indicates your freedom. Dragon dreams also represent your daily stress and anxiety.

Dragons are found in myths and folktales, and these dragon dreams symbolize some signs with some meanings. For instance, if you dream of a dragon sitting alone and surrounded by money, then it indicates that you are greedy and alone. It is also a sign of magical power, and when you try to analyze the dragon dream, it is good sometimes and bad sometimes as it depends on the theme of the dream.

However, this magical creature has an affluent history, and people often dream about this creature in their dreams. According to 1920 dream dictionaries, the representation of dragon dreams denotes that you have the power of creativity and imagination. As it is a fact that there is always uncertainty whether this magical creature existed and in a dream state whether you are attached with the celestial plane. As per history, dragons are a sign of protection, but when you dream about dragons, it symbolizes your fears. Metaphorically the dragon is female and controls the manly potential in life.

Dreams of the dragon is a very common dream among religious people and younger people. These dragon dreams are significantly very rare dreams. The dragon dreams signify your feelings of discomfort, fear, satisfaction, excitement, and are based on the perspective of the dream in which they transpire.

What does it mean when you dream about a Dragon?

Dreaming about a dragon means that you are bothered because of the errors that you made at the workplace. Also, there is a possibility of getting dragon dreams if you had personal issues that made you not put enough concentration on your work.  If you are dreaming about a dragon sputtering fire, then it indicates that you will disagree with your friends or loved ones. This misunderstanding might impend to risk your relationship, which is why it is important to think before you say anything to save your relationship.

If you are dreaming about running away from a dragon, it indicates that you want to escape from problems that you are trying to avoid for a long time. The dream suggests that you don’t want to handle the situation as it embraces your loved ones. This dream indicates that you are scared to see the reaction of your loved one and worried about how it gets to affect your present relationship. However, the dream also suggests that there is a possibility of solving the problem, and it won’t be enjoyable.

Dreaming about a dragon that scares you this dream indicates that you have to face a lot of issues at home, the dream also suggests that it is time to talk to your family and try to take control of the issues.

If you are dreaming of a komodo dragon in your dreams, then it indicates that you are scared of someone or something in your waking life. The dream suggests you take the required steps to face your fears.

Dreaming of being a dragon indicates that some individuals are talking behind you. Also, the dream suggests that you are unwelcomed in the family or at your job this is because the changes that you want to make could bring developments.

If you are dreaming of riding a dragon, then it indicates that you are trying very hard to handle your anger issues. The dream also denotes that you want to conquer all your obstacles and fear. Dreaming about fighting against the dragon specifies a similar meaning.

If you are dreaming of people running away from a dragon, then it indicates that you might be feeling uncomfortable because of some embarrassing situations. The dream also denotes that you will disagree with a supervisor, friend, or colleague that is not productive as you wished to be.

If you are dreaming about a dragon but can’t see it but feel the presence, then the dream is telling you that you are trying to hide your problems from your friends and family in waking life. The dream denotes that you don’t want people to see your weakness or struggles.

Dreaming of a flying dragon indicates that you will find an approach that helps you manage your anger and stress. This dream denotes that soon you will find a way to relieve all your stress in waking life.

If you are dreaming of talking to a dragon, then it denotes that you are now showing your true feeling to someone. The dream suggests that you are in love with someone but not confronting it to her/him. The dream also indicates that the person you are in love with is in another relationship and you are struggling to confess your feelings.

If you are dreaming of an angry dragon, then it denotes that you are a very short-tempered individual. The dream suggests you take control of your anger because of your anger issues, you may lose your friends and loved ones.

Biblical meaning of dragon in dreams:

The Biblical meaning of dragon dreams is that in the bible, this magical creature is connected with evil and it is usually called Satan. In the book of revelation, you find the description of Dragon as Satan or devil. The Dragon denotes power and is related to something negative.

In biblical expressions, the word Satan replicates the evil sides of your minds. It signifies the desire to have strong power, prestige, wealth, and admiration. This dream denotes that you want to take over the world at any cost.

In the Old Testament, the word Dragon is known as a leviathan, and different images show it as the ruler and monster of the sea.

Seeing Dragon in dream Islam:

Seeing a dragon in a dream in Islam indicates an unfair and dictator ruler, or it denotes a killing fire. Dragon with more heads in a dream signifies you are in greater danger. If a person is sick and sees a dragon in a dream, then it signifies death. If a pregnant woman sees a dragon in a dream and sees delivering a dragon in her dream, then it indicates that she will give birth to a sick child. A dragon in a dream denotes the section of time, if a person sees the dragon in his way but does not cause any fear, then it denotes the dragon give him something similar if the dragon talks to him, then it means good news on the way.

Chinese Dragon dream meaning:

As per Chinese tradition, the dragon in dreams indicates wealth and prosperity in your waking life. Dreaming of a dragon also denotes that you will obtain power in the future and this dream tells you that you should be attentive to your surroundings, which means you may not aware of enemies in your waking life. 

Dream interpretation dragon attack:

Dreaming of a dragon attack indicates your concealed worries. You get these dragon dreams if you are presently experiencing difficulties in your waking life. If you are contending a dragon attack in your dream, it denotes that you are trying hard to control situations and your emotions in waking life.

Baby Dragon dream meaning:

Dreaming about a baby dragon indicates your innocence. When you see a baby dragon in your dreams, you must understand your desire or inner self. If you dream about giving birth to a baby dragon, then it signifies a new beginning in your waking life, and sometimes, the dream also denotes rebirth.

Black Dragon dream meaning:

Dreaming of a black dragon signifies mystery, fear, and for some people, it indicates wisdom and prosperity. Dreaming of black dragons indicates that the dreamer will get good fortune soon and if the dream feels peaceful, then they listen to some good news. If the dream seems to be a destructive black dragon, then they may face bad luck soon. Particularly it denotes an unfortunate event or impending threat. The dream also suggests that one should be very alert and aware of the surroundings.

Yellow Dragon dream meaning:

Dreaming of a yellow dragon indicates fortune and power. If you are dreaming of allowing a dragon, it denotes that you can expect good fortune soon in your waking life. Also, the dream denotes that you will be out of depression and you will take control of your life successfully. The dream also indicates a bad omen allied to illness.

Final Thoughts:

Dragon dreams are related to your connection in waking life. Many people might have experienced seeing dragons in their dreams and they might have seen various dragons in their dreams. If you dream of a dragon while sleeping, then it means you are ready to face your difficulties and fears strongly in waking life. Also, you are ready to defend yourself and face any difficulty that comes your way. Dragon dreams indicate your patience and bravery in obtaining your objectives.

Dragon dream will have different meanings as it depends on the belief or culture where you live. Also, to know the right meaning of the dragon dream, you must remember every detail in the dream perfectly to get an exact interpretation.