What Dreams of Rain Can Tell Us

Dream of rain, rain comprises water and the dream is linked-to water, which means dreaming of rain indicates desires and feelings. Also, the interpretation of the dream depends on your subliminal awareness and thoughts.

Dreaming about rain can be associated to fortune, however, not all rain dreams have the same meaning. The dream of rain can be eminent by how the dream takes place while you are sleeping. Also, it depends on the type of the dream, and the rain can be classified into various categories.

Dreams of rain are seen by people who recognized the necessity for changes, also who are searching and looking for spiritual growth. Dreaming about rain indicates a sign of life. Plants grow with the help of water and it satiates the thirst of all beings. As mentioned in many stories, legends, and books, rainwater is a gift of divinity that blesses everything and everyone.

Dreaming of rain can denote destruction, but also a sign of a new beginning. This rain dream signifies the deluge of spiritual traits in your life. Rain dreams may denote some negative aspects, but they always end up on a positive aspect. Often rain is connected with sadness and other pessimistic feelings, but when you considered the bigger aspect of the dreams, then these rain dreams are the instruments in clearing your problem and difficulties in your waking life.

What does it mean when you Dream about Rain?

Dreaming about rain may denote the foundation for your new business or progress in financial situation. Also, when you dream of rain, it is a hint that you may get into trouble at the workplace because of the exploit of your colleague. 

If you are dreaming about watching the rain through the window, it signifies a positive sign, it implies that you will have success and also you will solve all your present problems. If you are dreaming clouds above you, then it signifies you are spending a stressful life for several days. Also, this dream indicates that the new ventures that you have taken up recently might also not give you any positive results.

Dreaming about walking in the rain under an umbrella signifies that you will get to hear some good news and also you will have luck in love matters. Perhaps an unknown colleague or friend will become your lover.

Dreaming about walking with your partner in the rain indicates that you will not sustain your love for long. Ensure not to fight with your partner, otherwise, it may cause a breakup. If you are dreaming about sudden rain and getting wet, then it indicates that you might perhaps win a lottery or bonus.

Dreaming about soaking in a rain signifies that you are not interested in studies and don’t have any desire to learn about new things. If you are dreaming of running in the rain, it signifies that your condition will get better either financially or relationship.

Dreaming about rain and leaking ceiling signifies that you must take care of your digestive system or health and control your eating habits to avoid indigestion issues. If you are dreaming of rain wetting plants and flowers, then it signifies good fortune. The dream indicates that you may come across some sorrows or troubles in waking life, but they will not bother you much. Also, the dream denotes that you will have fun with your friend whom you lost touch with.

Dreaming about a rainstorm indicates that you should not have a plan or try to negotiate for your business. The dream denotes you to speak up with your business partners clear all the business concerns immediately.  The dream also indicates that the tension period might have passed, but you must be careful in all circumstances in your waking life.

Dreaming about flood and rain signifies that you are in an isolation phase and emotionally very weak. The dream denotes that you are not trying hard to move away from people who are causing several problems.

The dream also indicates you to analyze yourself and then you will surely find the solutions.  The rain dream symbolizes your lonely feeling at present, and you are flooding your mind with a lot of emotions. Through this dream, you should know how to associate with yourself to balance your emotions.

Spiritual meaning of rain in a dream:

The spiritual meaning of rain in a dream is that the rain is a sign of destruction, and also it is a sign of a new start. The rain dreams are the indication of spiritual conditions in your life. The rain dream might seem to be some pessimistic aspect, but in the end, it always brings a positive annotation.

Many people feel that dreaming of rain signifies some hardship in life. But, it is not true, rain dream indicates grace and forgiveness. Rain is also a representation of crying, sadness, and tears. It is an indication of clearing all your problems and difficulties and finding your true love.

Dream of rain falling on me:

Dreaming about rain falling on me indicates emotional alimental balance. The dream tells you that you are always a giving person and try to lend your helping hand to others who are in need. The dream also warns you that you are not taking the direct approach. This rain dream signifies your need for sensual pleasure and enjoyment. Also, it means you need to remember something important in your waking life.

Rain dream represents your affinity to put others always before your needs. The dream suggests you are feeling detached from your close friend or a family member. Maybe you are emotionally attached to your close relative. This rain dream also indicates some division or struggle within your communal circle. Also, the dream suggests you be more free and friendly.

Walking in the rain dream meaning in Islam:

In Islam, dreaming of rain is an indication of a good year and relief, specifically for the farmers as the rainwater is a very important attribute for farmers and it more or less falls at the right time in the season. In general, dreaming of rain is an indication of lifeless materials will be revitalized.  Raining at the right time also indicates the mercy of God and the Holy Quran. Although the rain also denotes tormentors and plagues that fall from the sky like hailstones, swarms of locusts, and thunderstorms, particularly if they are come along with hot waters or fire.

Walking in the rain dream means:

Dreaming of walking in the rain indicates your capacity to take things not so seriously during natural hindrances of walking life. The dream also shows that you are the best company to the Divine powers. Walking in the rain dream means that you are in accord with your surroundings completely and you don’t have any bad emotions or anger within you.

Running in the rain dream means:

Dreaming about running in the rain indicates that you are a committed person, you try constantly to change things, people, community with your theories that you feel easy to follow.  It indicates you need power in your waking life. Running in the rain dream signifies that you should be zealous about something, uprising innovations, or more mysterious level, the dream tells you to find your uniqueness and inner self. This dream also signifies positiveness and confidence, your good nature, and lending your hand to many people. This dream also means that you are absorbed by human sciences and philosophy.

Dream of raining in the bedroom:

Dreaming about raining in the bedroom indicates happiness and joy in your relationship. The dream signifies you are feeling unsteady, and you are unwilling to bond with others. The rain in the bedroom dream indicates how you are feeling and what you are doing. It suggests you make clear choices in your waking life.

Raining in bedroom dreams is a sign of empathy for your association with other people and how they feel your presence. The dream suggests you take some time for pleasure and relaxation. It also means you are thinking of doing something very significant in your life. This rain dream is a sign of satisfaction and lavishness in life. Also, it tells you that you need some advice and support in your life.

Dream of rain falling on clothes:

Dreaming of rain falling on clothes indicates a warning sign against imminent danger in your waking life.  No matter how hard you are trying to avoid it in your waking life, it is still impending towards you.

Final Thoughts:

Dream of rain is an indication of coming out from obstacles and opening the virtue of goodness and blessings in life. The dream signifies that you might be in a situation where you need to start a peaceful, relaxed new life. The dream of rain might be a sign of a new beginning as well as an indication of destruction. The dream is linked with your emotions and feeling and can be represented in different ways. Dreaming of rain can also be connected with your fears and weaknesses, and it is also an indication to assess yourself to make your choices better in waking life.