Violent Dreams Meaning

Dreaming of violence indicates that you have some very penetrating feelings occurring in your brain, particularly if you see someone close involved in violence in your dream. People get violent dreams due to their disturbing experiences in their past or they just might have that violent feeling going on in their mind. Chris Cortman, a psychologist says that when you get violent dreams, which means these dreams are generated from the substantial matter inside your head.

Violent dreams can also come in your sleep when you see a lot of violence-related news during your waking life, consuming this kind of data in the daytime can influence your dreams too.  According to an Ohio State University study, violent dreams can occur if you have been watching too many violent TV shows or movies. Dr. Morgan also says that the human brain uses metaphors from violent movies, shows, or video games to help you identify violent people in your waking life. When you sleep, your dreaming mind uses fighters or others you identify as killers, does all the cloudy work, and helps you clean your mind in dreams.

However, it is tough to believe, but these violent dreams can signify particular health conditions. A Study published in 2011 in Drugs & Aging shows that violent dreams can be an indication of REM sleep behavior syndrome that may pay the way to several neurological diseases including Lewy Body dementia, Parkinson’s, and MSA (Multiple System Atrophy).

People with REM sleep disorder often dream about violent dreams.  However, initially, this sleep behavior disorder is not associated with any other health issues, it was discovered that more than 80-percent of people suffering from this disorder develop further diseases like neurodegenerative. Although it is not that these violent dreams will denote health issues later on in our lives, you should be aware of the consequences.

What does it mean if I have Violent Dreams?

Violent dreams are nothing but your worst fears, and perhaps you are often watching the violence in movies and TV in waking life, and the possibility of getting these fears in your dreams while sleeping.  Dreaming of violence indicates that you are worried about life, kids, or the future. When you get such violent dreams it symbolizes that you are anxious and fearful in your waking life. 

What does it mean if I have Violent Dreams?

If you go through the context of the violent dream, then you will identify if these dreams are cogitative of fear you have in your waking life. For instance, if you are getting violent dreams about being in a car accident, you might have an ingrained fear of being in a car accident. Similarly, violent dreams about being kidnapped, attacked by an animal, etc. are the fears that enrooted in you in the waking life will come in your dreams while sleeping.

However, if you don’t have fear of violence, then there should be other aspects that are causing you to experience these violent dreams. The other reasons for violent dreams include:

If you are always thinking about violence in your mind, naturally you will get those violent dreams in your sleep. When you dream violent dreams, you must know that they are innate from the substantial sprouting inside your head.

If you are dreaming of being a victim of violence, then it indicates that you are feeling uncomfortable about something, and this feeling you might have been concealing for a long period.  You might be scared of something or feel lonely in your waking life. If you instigated violence against someone in your dream, then it indicates that you are stressed a lot and all your emotions could burst out at any time.  This is because you might have encompassed strong negative energy in your mind. The violence could be in any form, it could be the need for vengeance or feeling vindicated.

If you are dreaming about watching violence in a fight, then it indicates that you can assist others to resolve it. The dream also suggests that you are trying to take control of a serious situation. It also means that you are trying to act as a mediator when fights arise. 

 If you are dreaming about endearing a violent conflict, it means that you have conquered some of your negative thoughts and bad habits that you have concealed for a very long time. Also, this dream denotes that you have become very successful in solving your professional and personal issues currently.

If you are dreaming about violence in the combat zone, then it indicates that you are attacked by enemies. No matter how strong they are, ultimately you will be winning. The dream suggests that some people might be trying to attack your emotional feelings to bring you down, but you will take the charge and conquer them ultimately. 

If you are dreaming about someone violent, it denotes that you are angry and having a resentment feeling towards someone who is making your life difficult. Also, the dream indicates that you are disowning something real. Through this dream, you should understand that it is the right time to start taking care of your repressed feelings and also try to be more susceptible to your loved ones.  Spiritual uneasiness and insecurity can be surfaced in your dream when you respond violently towards something or someone.

If you are dreaming about violent dreams continuously, then it is time to remove all your frustrations and anger on someone. However, if these dreams are coming continuously, then it is time to get professional advice that can help you conquer your anger issues. Confusion and anger can make recurrence of violent dreams, which could be triggered by fluctuations occurring in your life. These dreams also suggest that you need to change your lifestyle and control all your negative thoughts. Also, take control of your subliminal mind so that you can stop recurring violent dreams.

If you are dreaming about violence in warfare, it means you are trying to change your lifestyle. If you start thinking pessimistically, then you will never see progress in your life. The dream also suggests that you are running away from your duties.

If you are dreaming about experiencing violence in your dreams, then it indicates that you are concealing fears, also you might be scared of someone or something that you are unable to take control of in your waking life.

If you are dreaming about killing someone or committing violence, then it denotes that you are reflecting on your thoughts and feelings. The dream signifies that you are obtaining profound knowledge in life.  As per professional psychologists, these dreams are linked to your internal anger. If you are angry about the events that happened in your past, they might sprout again in your dream state. These dreams also occur if you feel the inability to get successful in reaching your goals because someone or something is stopping you.

Spiritual meaning of violent dreams:

The spiritual meaning of violent dreams is that these dreams disclose your suppressed fears or anger, and are scared of losing something important to you. These violent dreams signify anxiousness and lack of control, particularly if you feel violence in your dream.

In general, people get these violent dreams when they experience some disturbance long ago, and their subliminal is feeling suppressed through violent dreams. 

Gruesome dreams meaning:

Dreams signify that your consciousness is trying to convey to you something very crucial. Theresa Cheung, an expert in analyzing dreams has released a book that shows what some of these most horrifying dreams can signify.

The gruesome of these dreams symbolizes the dislike, the fear you feel for what kind of person you are going to be.  It is severely disfiguring and distorting you. This kind of distorting is happening because of unprocessed changes and un-inebriated fear.

Dreams about witnessing violence:

Witnessing violence in your dreams is a sign of peace of mind and serenity. The dream suggests that you are not using your strength and power completely. It indicates that you are losing all your opportunities, and this dream is a sign of leisure and bliss. Also, the dream denotes you are feeling superior and unshakable.

Dreams about witnessing violence:

Witnessing a violent dream means a journey, it could be either physically or spiritually. It also means that you are getting wisdom from your past experiences, and you are more susceptible to others than before. Witnessing a violent dream symbolizes your willpower. This dream also tells you that you are feeling bad for not satisfying your family and friends.

Dreams about violence and death:

Dreaming about violence and death indicates that you are experiencing personal violence in your waking life. The dream is to disclose your past sufferings or you are a victim of someone’s torture. This kind of death and violent dreams make you worry a lot, but these dreams suggest you do a specific action in your life. Having suppressed feeling make you feel powerless and they might activate such dreams.

Violent dreams can be a warning sign:

Violent dreams or nightmares are bad and they are rare sleep disorders known as REM sleep behavior disorder. This disorder makes people get these kid of violent dreams, sometimes, it could be screams and violent kicks. These violent dreams might be an indication of brain disorders that you need to take care of in the early stage. According to the research published in the Journal Neurology, this kind of violent dream also leads to dementia and Parkinson’s disease.

Are violent dreams a sign of dementia?

There are different ways that dementia signs are present during the sleep phase. Violent dreams or nightmares are often connected with dementia, particularly Lewy body dementia. In general, for many people, recurring nightmares could occur due to REM sleep behavior disorder also known as RBD. It is a disorder that causes patients to tangibly perform violent dreams.  As per the researchers report more than 80-percent of RBD patients gradually develop a neurological disease like dementia or Parkinson’s.

Final Thoughts:

In general, dreams help people remove unwanted memories and information from their brains. Dreaming about violence might be an indication that you are trying hard to remember some traumas and challenging experiences that you went through in the past. Instead of ruining your mental peace, try to develop positive feelings like being happy to live life the way you want or not toning worries in the process.