What Does Blue Mean in a Dream?

Colors activate emotions in the waking state as well as in dreams. According to the REM studies conducted by scientists, people often dream in colors, but most of the time they couldn’t recall their dream during waking state.  Dreaming of colors means it is not just suggestive of the emotional state of the dreamer, it also indicates their personality qualities.

In general, dreaming of the blue color means a sign of respect, wisdom, protection from wickedness, honor, and stability. The blue color in a dream signifies the need for tranquillity, spiritual needs, and meditative activity.  The blue color in a dream also indicates, peace, frankness, devotion, require for love, and it stresses more on the optimistic and balanced life but also indicates that you are not happy about something.

People dream about blue color in their dream means they like the color of sky or water and consider that it is their favorite color. If a dreamer dreames about a bright blue and flowing from somewhere, and spreading all over means it is a good omen.

However, if you take the negative side of the blue color in a dream means dissatisfaction and depression. That is why dreaming about blue color, particularly if you see blue colored clothes in your dream, you must consider your actions, find out what triggered such emotions, and try to resolve the situation.  

The color blue in a dream indicates that your subliminal mind, you are reserved, and when you get such a dream in your sleep, then it is crucial to understand what you want to obtain from your career and in life. In the spiritual aspect, it represents communication.

Are You Dreaming in Blue? This is what it means:

Dreaming in blue represents that you an introvert, which means you feel shy to express yourself to others. The color blue is an indication of richness and communication and indicates protection. In general, the color blue represents everything big and far away from your insight of the ocean or sky. Blue color signifies dependability, loyalty, and trustworthiness. People often see the blue color when they want to get clearness about the status quo and when want to find the truth.

Are You Dreaming in Blue? This is what it means:

The blue color dreams help the dreamers to obtain calmness and peace. When they are enclosed in blue color shades they automatically feel tranquil and calm. Blue often signifies to speak the truth. It is also a color of gullet chakra for better communication and creativity.

Human relationships are mostly built on trust, and seeing the blue color in a dream might indicate whether you can trust anyone or anything in your life. The color blue also reminds you that when you converse with others you should be able to trust them.

 The blue color also represents loyalty. When you trust something or someone, you will stay committed and loyal to it. For sure, you will remain true to the thing or person that you don’t want to lose in your life. The color also tells you to be honest with everyone. If you come across a blue object, then inquire yourself if you are being honest to yourself and others.

Dreaming blue can also represent that you are guilty about not being honest or not truthful to someone. The subconscious of your mind tells you to remain honest through this color blue dream.

Blue color dream Indicates:

  • Loyalty
  • Spirituality and Heaven
  • Contentment and peace
  • Wisdom
  • Emotions

The blue color dream is mostly used to represent spirituality and heaven. As the color of the sky is blue and heaven is associated with the sky, the blue color is also a sign of high sanctity.

The blue color is considered a primary color in Byzantine iconography, and it represents the Virgin Mary (Theotokos). This is because the color blue is considered an empresses color, which makes it a suitable color to relate with QoH (Queen of Heaven).

As the color blue is related to spiritual and heavenly matters, it signifies that you are dreaming the color as you are more focused on spirituality or it also indicates that you are aiming high to reach the sky in your dreams.

Blue color indicates optimism, the right time to aim at your objectives. It also means that you are trying to evolve from your normal self to a high spiritual level, and you are moving towards attaining peace and tranquillity in your life.

What Does Blue Stand for?

The color blue is generally associated with sea and sky color. Blue color has strong symbolism. It is a color of trust, peace, wisdom, calm, intelligence, loyalty, faith, truth, and confidence.  It is a color that is associated with aspects of peace of mind and body. This color induces a soothing effect on your body. People in general, feel relaxed when they are surrounded by the color blue.

The color is connected to the human intellect and consciousness. It is also considered a masculine color, and the light blue color is related to understanding, health, healing, and softness. Whereas dark blue is associated with depth, knowledge, integrity, stability, power, and seriousness.

The Color Blue also indicates honesty and responsibility. People who like blue color don’t like to get attention, it is a color that is associated with cooperation but not confrontation.

What does Colour Blue mean Biblically?

The biblically meaning of the color blue is that it represents the heavens and God’s word. During migration, 70 elders, Moses and his sons went to worship God on Mount Sinai, they saw God and defined the roadway under God’s feet they could see blue sky. Moses got the 10 Commandments after this encounter.

 What was Jesus’s Favorite Color?

Jesus’s Favorite Color is Royal Blue.

Does the Bible Mention Blue?

Yes, around 49 times the Bible mentions a pure blue that is so transcendent and magnificent, which is very hard to describe.

Final Thoughts:

Color Blue indicates a time of hopefulness and when you dream about the color blue that means you will attain the goal that you are endeavoring all through your life. It also means that you have done a self-evaluation. Dreaming of blue color is also a reminder for a dreamer who is looking for eternal bliss and long-lasting peace.